When thinking about the best way to merchandize and design your TPC, always come back to your customer.


  • Who are my customers?
  • Why are they coming into my TPC?
  • What can I offer them that no one else can?

Having an understanding of your customer and their motivations will help you create an environment that is easily relatable for them and makes them comfortable. This will also help you better stock and promote brands or items that your customer wants to purchase.

The products you stock and the way you display items may be completely different for a TPC in Florida versus one in Ohio or Maine. Geographical differences and regional interests all play a role in what your customer is looking for.

Offering products your customer wants and needs ties back to making your retail environment shobable. When you tailor your product offerings to your customer, you make it easier for them to find and purchase what they are looking for. This shows your customer that you really care about them, which helps increase customer retention.