Customer service is the human aspect of your store. It’s how your sales staff interacts with and treats your customers. This brings up one simple and very obvious fact: people prefer to do business with people they like.

Your customers have many choices of where to shop for their automotive needs. Many of these competing retailers have much more real estate stocked with many more products, both in types of product and depth of selection in those product types. Your TPC has to be on its “A” game at all times to compete and exemplary customer service is a way to win.

Quick Tips:

  • Greet every customer as they enter the TPC with a “hello,” a smile, a nod or a wave; something to acknowledge their presence.
  • Customer service also applies when answering the phone.
  • If a customer is obviously looking for something, a basic “how can I help you” or “can I help you find something” works great.
  • Stay visible and available.
  • All TPC staff should know: where products are located, basic product knowledge/function, customer etiquette and basic sales techniques.
  • A customer in front of you takes precedence over one calling on the phone.
  • If a customer is looking for an item not in stock, find it. Even if the sale goes to another store or you have to order it, the impression on that customer is big.

A customer who has a bad retail experience is much more likely to recount it than one who has had a good experience.