Aside from the front of the store, which should have a new display quarterly, there are other opportunities to rotate products and infuse visual “newness” into your TPC. This newness or slight unfamiliarity will draw in the regular customer who may not need anything as well as drawing in the person who has passed by and never felt compelled to enter.

End caps are merchandise displays on the end of an aisle. They’re a great way to add new visual dress to your store. It’s best if the products relate to what’s in that aisle, though they could be something pertaining to seasonal offerings or additional sale merchandise. The strategy is to get customers to explore the entire store, exposing them to as many opportunities to buy as possible. This “desire to explore” can also be accomplished with a secondary sale area located in another part of the store.

By adding an additional sales merchandise area, you also create a high-traffic area. This is a great opportunity to experiment with different products in and around the vicinity to increase impulse sales or move discontinued items.

If you are unable to rotate merchandize frequently, make sure you take time every quarter to walk through your TPC, dust your merchandize and ensure that it is in a presentable condition.