Great signage drives traffic. Signage can help bring customers into your TPC and move them around the store. Effective signage is as important as store layout and the products you carry.

There are several different types of signage you’ll have in your store:

  • Exterior—entices customers to come into your store
  • Direction—helps customers navigate around your store
  • Informational—gives product feature/benefits and price
  • Persuasive—encourages your customer to take action

Proper signage in your TPC is all about balance. You don’t want to use too many signs, making the environment overwhelming, and you don’t want to use too few signs, making it difficult for your customer to find what they are looking for.

Signage on your storefront or entrance should convey a compelling message, such as a 50% off sale or reminder of seasonal maintenance that should be performed. 

Once inside the store, consider the primary information people will need to know if they have questions or want assistance. Be sure to make it apparent with signage where the parts counter, the cashier and the restrooms are.

When choosing product signage, ask if the sign conveys a feature, a benefit or the price of the item. If the sign does not contain this type of information it is probably not necessary.

Continuity is important in your signage. When all of your signs look the same, it is easier for your customers to see them and figure out where they need to go. Also, for continuity’s sake, position aisle signage consistently.

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