How and when you stock your shelves has great impact on consumer’s shopping experience and the overall shopability of your TPC. By properly displaying the best products at the right time you are letting your customer know that there is no reason to shop for their automotive products anywhere else because you have them covered.

Stock shelves regularly. Customers cannot buy product that isn’t there or that they cannot find. Stocking is not solely restricted to restocking product that has been sold. Stocking also includes the frequent walk-throughs to tidy shelves and make sure all products are pulled forward with front labels facing forward. A stocking walk-through should be performed every hour or so, depending on traffic.

If you are featuring a display with special or sale items, it is critical to take stocking these areas seriously. You’ve made a promise that a certain product is available at a certain price. Be sure to pay particular attention to these displays to ensure they always have organized product and don’t look like a war zone. Also, have plenty of stock on hand, or advertise/display that the offer is good only while supplies last.